Diversify your egg baskets please

BitConnect… Facebook… YouTube… If you read certain websites, blogs, hang out on Twitter (sorry it feels like home) it seems like the power vacuum is eating itself. The subreddit for BitConnect buyers, alone, is a graveyard riddled with crying adults saying they have lost all of their life savings for what they were promised was […]

Do More With Less or You Have To Pay

Facebook is not the marketing answer you think it is. It’s time to readjust. More and more businesses are jumping to digital marketing and social media for their awareness and advertising. This is great until you realize that Facebook is becoming saturated and between their algorithm changes and a surplus in business pages (who are […]

Why I unapologetically hate the term Millennial

Lazy, selfish, snowflake, entitled, sticker generation, and the list goes on and on and on. Whether you like it or not, the words are linked to the term Millennial and though I don’t want to step into the PC trap of measuring my words, the marketer in me knows that semantics and keywords are crucial […]

My tribe wasn’t where I expected and I’m grateful.

I couldn’t wait to graduate high school. I hated it…no scratch that, I don’t think there is a strong enough word for that feeling. I breathed in, I breathed out, I walked the halls, and I plotted my escape. I was going to go to college, Davidson to be exact, and I was going to […]