I had a choice. I’m a 35-year-old, ambitious marketer; voraciously reading everything I can get my hands on to keep up, advance, and improve myself and my career. It all worked out and I was given the opportunity of a lifetime. I was given a shiny road to traverse – a path that I thought I wanted, a path I was expected to want. A path, that turned out to be, not meant for me.

But…but….but… this is the next step?!?

I stress with my clients and friends the importance of ‘being purposeful, always’ and like most, I hear but do not always heed my own advice. The shiny paved road should have been more comfortable, more luxurious, more..more…more… but I felt lost. I’m not the girl that can roll up with a Fortune 500 account and act like it’s business as usual. I’m not the girl who can focus on the details when I want to swim in the strategy of it all. The fulfillment left me. I wasn’t fulfilling my purpose. I wasn’t on my road.

As soon as I came back to my path – I felt calm. There are so many outside influences (and let’s be honest, internal voices) reaching and craving the next step, the next move. I ask that you not silence these voices, but add your own purpose to the mix. Be purposeful, always.

  • Do you want this because it is the next step?
  • Do you want this because it’s time?
  • Do you want this because others want it?
  • Does it hold your purpose?
  • Does your purpose guide you down this road?
  • Will it take you closer or further away from the person you wish to be?

Once you remove the shine and see the road as just a road, you can really think about where it will take you, what it means for you.

My purpose is in small business. I cherish the impact I can have in someone’s life, their business, and everything that they touch. There is a singular power in working with people’s dreams and knowing that you are exactly where you are meant to be when you are meant to be there.

I wish you purpose – that you find it, that you embrace it, and that you live it every single day of your life. If the shiny road is meant for you – race it, love it, enjoy its curves and straightaways. If your road is the other – enjoy its beauty, charm, and the privilege of walking it.

Published by roanokemaven

Freelance Marketing and Social Media Consultant

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