Facebook is not the marketing answer you think it is. It’s time to readjust. More and more businesses are jumping to digital marketing and social media for their awareness and advertising. This is great until you realize that Facebook is becoming saturated and between their algorithm changes and a surplus in business pages (who are targeting the same people in a general location), it’s only a matter of time until your organic reach is basically non-existent.

Am I saying you should give up and bail on Facebook? NO. However, you need to do more with less. Instead of posting absolutely everything you think is relevant, try to post the highest quality content and post less often. Instead of posting 5-10 times a day, you need to post 1-3 times a day, pushing content that you know your audience will love. Look at the content you have already posted and see what has the most comments, share, reactions. This will help you “curate” your content to make sure you get more for less. By focusing on quality content that your personas are attracted to, you are utilizing the power of content marketing and creating a brand that provides your audience with exactly what they want to see.

Facebook is always going to take steps to make sure their civilians (personal pages owners) are happy and don’t feel spammed by business page ads and posts. They need to create an experience where if you see an ad or a post, they know you really want to see it and will click the button to learn more, instead of the button to close their account. Because of this, even if you spend money, you need to ensure that you are pushing an experience, class, white paper, etc. that your audience will respond to. Say it with me now: quality not quantity.

Facebook is great an all but it isn’t the only social media platform out there and there are so many opportunities on platforms where you wouldn’t think to use them. Think about Pinterest. Pinterest is synonymous with boards of food and wedding dresses. Imagine how much of a disruptor you could be by forging ahead and creating a Pinterest presence that goes against the norm?

Take a hard look at your business, think about your goals, and sit down and think about your audience. Are you answering their questions? Are you providing content that explains or showcases why your product or service fulfills their need? Create video content that you can share with your audience. Just like in writing class, you need to Show, don’t tell. If you can create a video/demonstration of how your product or service is impactful to them, you will not only get their attention but possibly their patronage.

Advertising is important for businesses and as more and more people jump on social media, it is important to stand out not only in content but in your ability to segment and target your personas through the platform. When you have just started a presence on a platform, it is a wonderful opportunity to do ad testing to help grow awareness and see if your ads are reaching and engaging your audience. Though digital advertising is insanely cheaper than traditional advertising, it doesn’t mean that you should not show the same restraint and really test and see what works for you.

Create a strategy that embraces who you are as a business and who your audience is. Create a content strategy that marries them both and provides an outlet for you to answer their questions and solves their problems. Do not post to post. Look at your content and showcase efficiency with purposeful posts and evergreen content that brings the audience back for more. This is true for all channels.

Post with purpose and think of the content you would want to see if you were a customer or potential customer. This isn’t Field of Dreams. Building a presence isn’t enough. Be thoughtful and purposeful in your message and then, if you listen to your audience and follow through, they will come.

Published by roanokemaven

Freelance Marketing and Social Media Consultant

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