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Technology is changing the marketing landscape daily and it can be difficult to stay up-to-date with algorithm changes, best practices, and even posting consistently.  I offer customizable services for your small business needs, ranging from basic consulting and answering your questions, all the way to building and executing a full marketing plan.


How can I help you and your business?

Based on your needs, you can request any or all of the following packages.

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Christina is amazing. She is an expert re: Facebook marketing and is an authentic copywriter who was able to find my voice immediately. Highly recommended.                

– Puma Creative

Christina is a great networker and excellent with helping you make connections.            

– Farm Credit of the Virginias

Christina gave us some valuable feedback on our website, social media and marketing pieces.  She continues to provide us with great resources and is someone I often call to get feedback or assistance.

– NEST Furnished Living Solutions

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