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Brauchen wir eine Reservierung? Will you be paying with cash or credit card? Would you like to meet again? This goes not only for grammar, but also for accent and meaning. Do you want to dance?

This literally translates to 'do you want to go with me?

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A green traffic light holding a heart in Thuringia. Another gem for the early days of dating would be ich steh' auf dichwhich simply means "I'm into you". This is the perfect phrase if you're looking to make your intentions known without getting too serious.

This is the equivalent of 'you're my everything' or 'you mean the world to me'. Some passion-killing underwear hangs on a washing line in Berlin. These large, sometimes knee-covering underpants think long johns are worn to keep away potential suitors by simply by being unattractive. italian flirting phrases

Eier gesucht, Eier gefunden! Another way to steer clear of the messy business of love would be to declare yourself a Hagestolz. This term usually describes an old bachelor who has chosen a life of solitude simply because they prefer being alone. Germany's news in English Search. News categories Berlin Munich Hamburg More….

Es kann nie schaden pronunciation Es kann nie schaden. Italian flirting phrases gesagt als italian flirting phrases pronunciation Leichter gesagt als getan. Kein Zweifel pronunciation Kein Zweifel. Ich bin gleich zurück pronunciation Ich bin gleich zurück. Entschuldigung für die Verspätung pronunciation Entschuldigung für die Verspätung. Ich bin zurück pronunciation Ich bin zurück.


Would you like to watch a movie at my place? Do you have any plans for tonight? Would you like to go get a coffee?

Would you like to meet again? Thank you for a lovely evening! Grandes estrellas de escarcha, vienen con el pez de sombra que abre el camino del alba. It's hard to top Spanish and Italian prose for romance.

Romance Sonambulo - it's quite longer. Here, with a good accent Duly noted Ruthie. Italian flirting phrases thou should this rake in thine meanders an encounter italian flirting phrases, will I refrain from spouting off in quatrain, lest I such miracles as a hound's parlance wish to witness as your remonstrance.

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Register a new account. Sign in Already have an account? Sign in here. I love you. Ich liebe dich.

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You mean so much to me. Du bedeutest mir sehr viel. This is a beautiful expression of gratitude that will enhance any relationship! It makes the receiver feel appreciated and their efforts recognized.

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  • Thank you for a lovely evening!
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  • We were meant to be together.

Will you be my Valentine? Möchtest du mein Valentin sein? With these words, you are taking your relationship to the next level! Or, if you have been a couple for a italian flirting phrases, it shows that you still feel the romance. So, go for it! Sie sind so schön. I think of you as more than a friend.


Du bist mehr als nur ein Freund für mich. Say this if you are not yet sure that your romantic feelings are reciprocated. A hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you. Hundert Herzen wären zu wenige, um all meine Liebe zu dir zu tragen.

You romantic you…!

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When your heart overflows with love, this would be the best phrase to use. Love is just love. It can never be explained. Liebe ist nur Liebe.

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Malu Dreyer, the minister-president for Rhineland-Palatinate, is photographed in February holding up a heart-shaped sign.

Es kann niemals erklärt werden. Du bist so schön.

German phrases for flirting with a woman

Ladies, this phrase lets your German love know how much you appreciate his looks! Ich bin in dich verknallt.

Italian Love Phrases: How to speak the most romantic language on Earth! With Nada Vergili

You make me want to be a better man. Du machst mich zu einem besseren Menschen. Let her know that she inspires you!

German Words of Love and Romance

Let all that you do be done in love. Lasse deine Handlungen in der Liebe geschehen.

German Audio Course 2. Advertise with us Post a vacancy. How to Learn a Language. This is the equivalent of 'you're my everything' or 'you mean the world to me'.

We hope. You are my sunshine, my love. Du bist mein Sonnenschein, meine Liebe. Liebhaber Sie nahm sich einen Liebhaber.

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Geliebte Er hat eine Geliebte.