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This is entirely compatible with the now widely accepted view that the Italian professional stage was pioneered by mountebanks itinerant charlatans who used theatrical means to market medical or pseudo-medical products and services , and buffoni. Undoubtedly by Vrancx himself is plate 69c, brought to my attention in reproduced with thanks to the private owner. A marked change in mood from secular to religious preoccupations affected the Bavarian court from around the mids. Die folgenden 4 Mitglieder haben sich bei Postsache bedankt:. Novakaschi - Dec 19th , pm. And although this comedy could not at all compare with the other in terms of its expense or intermedi, or in terms of its presentation, it was nevertheless much more entertaining and amusing than that in the Palace.

Sicherlich werden immer mehr Menschen aus den Häusern kommen und zur Arbeit hetzen, danach sich dann dem Alltag ergeben.

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Electric multiple unit. Learn German in no time! Eine einfache Flachbett häufig verwendet, um militärische Fahrzeuge zu bewegen. NS Tads Wagen. Stadler Flirt 3. Stadler GTW Personenzug version 1. The cymbals, chin-strapped headgear and flowing cloak of the other indicate a gypsy.

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The Sadeler engravings [plates 66—7] are virtually mirror image copies. Two drawings after Febraro probably datable to the s, one very detailed, the other more chris flirt 3 repaint sketched, in II. In the foreground are two characters in dark full-face masks wearing red and yellow tedesco costumes. In the centre background are three performers on a stage, an older male or female hunchback flanked by two men, one playing a lute.

To the right foreground, a masked boy sells carnival eggs. All the face masks in this painting are in flesh or deep flesh tones. Ertz favours a dating to c. To the right of the print, two women overlooking the performers wield eggs, as was the custom at carnival time, and carnival eggs are being sold from baskets at the left of the print, and at the right of the painting, where, as in the print, women overlook the performers.

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A further implication is that Jan I, an artist who undoubtedly visited Rome, and probably witnessed the Roman carnival at first hand, based his painting of this event, its masked performers and revellers, and even its architectural setting, at least in part not on chris flirt 3 repaint own experiences, but on pictures by other artists.

They share virtually identical settings and are all attributed to Louis de Caulery, because of their compositional and stylistic similarities to his signed painting The carnival [plate 73]. Two were sold under the titles Village and party and Carnival revellers at a tourney in an Italianate renaissance town [plates 70—1].

Despite these titles, which imply that the comic masks in the foregrounds of all three of these charming compendia of late renaissance carnival diversions are nothing more chris flirt 3 repaint party goers or revellers, they are actors performing comic scenes.

No doubt such compendia carried wider symbolic and religious meanings, and, judging by the frequency with which they were painted, perhaps also provided nostalgic consolation to many an affluent February reveller in the lean days of Lent. In the background of each picture a tournament takes place before a crowd. In the foreground, to the right in plates 71—2 and to the left in plate 70, a man with a basket sells eggs, traditionally tossed into the crowd by the more boisterous carnival participants.


In plate chris flirt 3 repaint, there are four comic actors next to the egg seller in the street. They face right, and a second zanni behind, in a pale yellow top and freunde treffen silhouette trunk hose, wields a dagger.

The picture is delicately painted in thin, free washes through which the ruled underdrawing of the architecture shows. In plates 71—2, Pantalone rides a conventional horse, and has only two servants, one beside him, and a Harlequin in front. Others include the carnival tournament in progress in the middle distance, the mounted Pantalone in the foreground who gestures towards a richly dressed group on a raised temporary structure, the costumed pair of mounted horsemen, the basket of carnival eggs, carriages and a distant crowd of spectators.

The compositions cannot have been reached independently or without some common source or intermediary.


Additionally, Tempesta would have had the opportunity to witness at first hand the festival portrayed in Febraro, and it is placed in a convincing Florentine street setting. Various iconographic elements support this indication, for example the pleasing and logical circular route taken by the carnival eggs at the right-hand side of the print from egg seller up to the ladies, and then down to the hapless gentlemenis degraded meaninglessly in the paintings, suggesting that it portrays a chris flirt 3 repaint familiar to the engraver, but not to the painters.

The Harlequin and his companion of plates 71—2 are later comic servant types. They share, for example, the motif of the tower of acrobats, absent in plate 70, and the pointing Pantalones and their donkeys are similar.

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The possibility that Tempesta drew on this Flemish painting for both his Februaries can be virtually dismissed. An as yet undiscovered common source predating both the paintings and chris flirt 3 repaint prints also seems unlikely. The stylistic differences between plates 70 and 71 chris flirt 3 repaint two artists. Despite the art market attribution, the heavily painted background architecture and less artificially contorted types of plate 71 rule out serious association with Caulery.

Lucas Guild, into which Caulery was accepted as a master inhimself taking an apprentice in However Beaujean dates it to c. Dated signed pictures include: Crucifixion, New York art market ; The five senses, Louvre.

An indoor society scene similar to II. They focus their efforts in the direction of the group on the balcony at the right of the picture, while being watched by the elegant company in the doorway below.

Attribution of an unsigned Carnival scene is supported by its similarity, in style, atmosphere and foreground figures, to the signed The Carnival.

The stage was most attractively provided with doorways and houses. The Munich play has only one of each of these pairs, but introduces six further characters: a prologue, a servant for the inamorato, and the French servant of Diary, ff.

Certain of these compositionally related paintings can be arranged in sequences, in which their backgrounds form gradually changing series, taking on an increasingly northern flavour in one while remaining Italianate in another. Plates 77 and 78 are among further panels attributed to Caulery which share the theme and setting of plate 76, and the leafless tree acting as a central focus and indication of the winter carnival season.

Formerly Marshall Collection. Also associated with this group are dated carnival paintings of andwhose single party eckernförde, like that of plate 78, is Flemish [plates 80—3]. Additionally, the slope of the bridge to the right with the carriage on it is steeper, there is a greater shift of the central building to the left of the picture, with a correspondingly lesser emphasis of other chris flirt 3 repaint architectural details, and the right-hand wings do not have balconies.

The door of this wing, arched in plates 76 and 80, has pilasters and a classical pediment in plate They intermesh with other equally complex sequences, some pictures may have Plate ascribed to Caulery by Horst Gerson, and its date read as 1. Notably the Pantalone, Harlequin and tambourine-playing inamorata in the left foreground of plates 81—3.

This is Sebastian Vrancx, born in Antwerp in For example, figures in plates 81—5 which relate to some of those in plate 76 include Father Time chris flirt 3 repaint his stilts chris flirt 3 repaint by a drummer and a tambourine player, and Carnival himself, mounted on his barrel. In plates 81—3 they are closer to those of plate 84 than plate 76, although the background of plate 84 bears no relation to these paintings.

On Vrancx, see: Legrand, Les peintres flamands, pp. Pictures in which possible direct influence is apparent include Earthly pleasures and its variants, several versions of Dives and Lazarus, two panels monogrammed by Vrancx, and a Carnival [plates 92—]. The central mounted falconer of plate 92 closely resembles those in Maggio [plate 91]. partnersuche site

The fountains, formal flowerbeds, peacocks, deer, carriage and pair and central folly of Aprile all have their counterparts in Dives and Lazarus, whose bending foreground servant, display of plates and jugs, pointing man and rich foods are reminiscent of those in Gennaro [plates 89—90, 97—8]. Possibly, Vrancx was an assistant in the Roman studio of Paul Bril, perhaps even involved with the production of the Corsini Album drawings [see plates —7, ]. Painted variants of plate 98 include platewhich simplifies the print by, for example, omitting the chris flirt 3 repaint trees, and platewhich varies the foreground figures.

Its flirt tortenplatte 26 cm painted background is a schematic variant of that in plate 98, while its pavilions are similar to those to the right and left of plate A display of plates and jugs similar to that in plates 97—9 and Gennaro [plate 90] also recurs, and the foreground figures are set in a grotto reminiscent chris flirt 3 repaint the construction of the central folly of Aprile [plate 89].

In platea lute-playing zanni shares a trestle stage in the right-hand middle distance with a mountebank, while in platethe stage is in the central foreground, and two masked actors perform on it.

The background of plateat whose left-hand side comedians on a raised stage aid a mountebank, also relates to that of plate Plate relates closely to platebut lacks its right-hand architectural feature. Of the Flemish scenes, those bearing the monogram or signature of Vrancx include several winter carnival scenes depicting figures, some masked, in commedia-related costumes [plates —].

Platesecurely attributed to Vrancx through its association with a print after it, shows carnival mummers in an indoor setting [plate ].

In the left background, on a stage raised to just above head height, a mountebank promotes his wares, aided by a string-playing male in zanni costume, and a female. In the right and central background, six masks burst on to the scene, the female in eastern-inspired costume, the males in matachin costumes, one armed with a hammer and one wielding a stick, another playing the violin, a fourth somersaulting, the fifth partnering the woman in a dance.

A composition featuring a troupe of Italian comedians in See also index Vrancx. Plate reverses the composition of plate Plates —16 feature masked carnival revellers of the type depicted on the left-hand side of plate Variants of plate attributed to a range of artists include plates — Stylistically similar are the comic types in a dated picture of plate signed with a monogram interpreted by the art market as that of Adriaen Pietersz.

The typical chris flirt 3 repaint of winter in plate include a theatrical or carnival mask.

Rimming (receiving)

Others in this print series, much favoured by the owners of friendship albums, also feature comic performers [plates —3]. Plate is the most topographically accurate. For the first third of the sixteenth century, descriptions of this civic festival in the diaries of Marin Sanudo detail the carnival and other mumarie organized by the Compagnie della Calza, acting alongside temporarily employed professional buffoni.

It is such professional troupes, the chris flirt 3 repaint highlight of the Venetian carnival, and not random masqueraders, that are reflected in the right foregrounds of this group of chris flirt 3 repaint. Perhaps more loosely associated with this group is platewhich may be an inferior workshop production.

Undoubtedly by Vrancx himself is plate 69c, brought to my attention in reproduced with thanks to the private owner. His proposal for solving this conundrum was to suggest the simultaneous presence in early sixteenth century Venice with the German Johann Liss d. Variants of plate c include plates, b my thanks to the curators of the Correr Museum for granting me access to this reserve collection painting.

They feature formulaic architectural staffage, grisaille background crowds, and, as a glowing contrast, numerous brightly costumed middle sex treffen bielefeld foreground figures, delicately painted by a consummate colourist of high artistic skill.

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Galleria Borghese Roma: mostra di capolavori della pittura olandese 25 febbraio — 18 aprile — A. I believe the Schneider collection painting and plate c to be the same work. They share virtually the same dimensions and inscription, and additional compositional features in the Schneider painting absent from chris flirt 3 repaint c notably the prominent shadow thrown by the Campanile, and the first digit of the inscribed date may be the result of over-harsh cleaning. Fiocco, Venetian Painting, p.

Notwithstanding his close personal knowledge of the original, this reassessment attracted distrust and contempt, and the painting was completely ignored by the great Liss exhibition of Attribution chris flirt 3 repaint stylistic grounds alone is fraught with pitfalls. The foreground groupings of plates —6 each include an elegant gathering on a raised platform in the left foreground, watching bullfighting in the middle of the square, while crowds of carnival revellers mill around the various amusements.

Mountebanks perform on raised outdoor stages in the middle righthand distance of plates —3 and —6. In plates —3, crowds of small, hardly differentiated plump figures swirl around the square.

Plates and have an even more spontaneous atmosphere.

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  • A composition featuring a troupe of Italian comedians in See also index Vrancx.
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But in platedistinct groups of figures, each with minutely described features, gestures and costume details, are combined into one large and carefully planned composition.

Some awkward changes in scale, for example between the figures in the group in the left and middle foreground, and the rather coarse and stilted treatment of the background, indicate an artist inexperienced in handling such an ambitious and complicated composition. The comic troupes of platesand are very different to each other. That of plate appears to be composed of a string-playing male, a woman and a manservant in a tight red matachin suit similar to those worn by the bullfighters at the front right-hand chris flirt 3 repaint of the picture.

They are followed by another couple and two males in less brightly coloured outfits, but it is difficult to make out more than the most general costume details in the tiny, centrally placed figures. In both, a string-playing zanni precedes a Pantalone accompanied by a man holding a bird, chris flirt 3 repaint are followed by two masked couples, and the painting is broadly compatible with the style of Toeput, who died c.

There are compositional parallels with the Italian comedians depicted in two drawings by Momper, which themselves appear to chris flirt 3 repaint from those in an tv sex treffen after Toeput [plates —30].

None of these comic figure types or compositional groups is to be found in the paintings of Louis de Caulery. In some of his paintings, hammer-wielding zanni lead comic troupes, or there are even variations on a whole component of the troupe of platenamely the Pantalone—inamorata pair with Zanni and a second servant, and one or two acrobats.

Chris flirt 3 repaint platethe zanni has acquired a striped suit, and moved from the right of the Pantalone—inamorata pair to that of the Harlequin and drunken tedesco pair. In platethe masked performers include the Pantalone—courtesan pair, the somersaulting acrobat and his companion, and a string-playing servant.

See, for example, plates 97, 99—, Plate is especially close to the monogrammed plate 97, whose composition is shared by a dated engraving of Not only do the comic troupes in the two paintings share a close resemblance, but the costume details, poses and facial types of the wealthy spectators are comparable, and consistent with both paintings being early works of Sebastian Vrancx. These are firstly, that very precise dating of such images is sometimes possible quite independently of their theatrical content; and secondly, to demonstrate that the Antwerp artists of this group of paintings drew heavily on detailed knowledge of previous pictures, to the extent that the settings for their depictions of the Italian comedians are primarily variations on a limited range of themes.

Often associated with the month of February, these are predominantly urban carnivals and courtly garden scenes.

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Sometimes the comic masks are nothing more than carnival revellers. For their performances, costumes and sets, it is possible See, for example, plates 73, 76, 78—80, 84, —16, See, for example, plates 68, 77, —3,—23, —8, See, for example, plates 70—2, See, for example, plates 92—, —9,chris flirt 3 repaint, See, for example, plates —45, —1.

See, for example, plates 81—3, RHS— offstage figures One of these groups features Italianate backgrounds, the other, ending with paintings dated to andnorthern frau sucht sex ludwigsburg. Here more than one print is involved, and an as yet undiscovered common source for the similarities between the prints and plate 71, or influence from this painting to Tempesta, is correspondingly unlikely.

The possibility of as yet unknown variants representing further links of influence or requiring modifications to these groupings cannot be ruled out, and any assumptions based on this restricted sampling of the pictorial chris flirt 3 repaint can only be tentative.

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